John H. Beagan, Jr.
Web Application Development --
Responding Well from Mobile to Desktop

      One web application responding well across various devices, browsers and operating systems -- a compelling approach given today's proliferation of smartphones and tablets, and the ease of cross-browser development using popular libraries and frameworks.

      Principal developer of Let's Pick A Date, a site created using React/Redux and designed to help friends schedule a get-together and agree upon a date. See YouTube introduction -- YouTube intro to Let's Pick A Date

      Design and develop for medium and small businesses, non-profits, and departments in larger organizations. Serving the greater Boston area.

  • Programming: React/Redux, JavaScript, Bootstrap, jQuery, Ajax, ASP.NET MVC/Razor, Microsoft C# and Linq-to-SQL
  • Database: SQL Server -- T-SQL, Reporting Services, Integration Services and Analysis Services.
  • Development Environment: VS Code, GitHub, Visual Studio, Team Foundation.
  • Past Tools: VB.NET and Microsoft Visual FoxPro.
  • Resume: Please see resume for contact information, professional background and list of significant projects.
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Served clients continuously over 15 years.